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About Us


  • The Indian Cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, regions and its climate.
  • Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes and subtle variations to popular dishes.
  • Aromatic Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. This is the unique formula, we, at Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan, chain of Indian vegetarian restaurants follow, to build our businesses across the globe.​
  • Each new restaurant added to our network carries the legacy of good taste and quality.
  • The trust that the customers have placed in us has been a motivating factor in exploring new destinations.
  • Today, our group has its presence across 31 outlets in South India, 2 in the North and 12 countries with 46 outlets across the globe and 3 countries with 3 outlets to be opened. 

The Taste Of Fresh Juices

  • A juice detox/cleanse is a period of time when you give your body a break from solid, heavy foods and instead, flood it with pure, nutritional juice, which is absorbed easily and leaves the body nourished and fully hydrated.
  • Juice fasting, preferably with as much organic produce and pure water as possible, provides fiber and nutrients, while making it easy to transition to and from solid foods.
  • To ensure highest degree of cleanliness and hygiene in preparation, preservation and serving of food.

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